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s been ○designed to have a ■longer lasting b●attery that r●eflects the compa〓ny's focus on Africa●.The company continu〓es to expand in● the region.

Hua●wei is establish●ing itself in th◆e tablet an●d smart phone ●market in ●Africa. In 2011 H●uawei registe○red a $US3.4 billi●on turnover and ○dominated the ●continent with○ its 2G, 3G and e〓ven 4G netw○orks, especiall●y in Namibia a〓nd Angola. The g■roup ha

s won a○ $US750 million co◆ntract to upgrade■ Globacom's network 〓in Nigeria, and o〓n the way t○o become a ◆major oper〓ator there●, since it investe〓d $US627 million i○n cash-strapped N○itel company.&●nbsp; Huawei a●lso completed〓 the installa○tion of a Silphium ■underseas

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cable to s●erve Libya and ●Ethiopia.Li Dafe●ng, Huawei's● head of Ea○st and Southern Afri●ca regions,● said, "Huawei has 〓improved from B2B ■to B2C profile and○ is

developing the n■ecessary services c○lientele."H●e added, "◆The two new Hu■awei models had ga●rnered much succe●ss in the Kenya mar●ket. South African■ consumers, on the ●other hand, hav●e preferences for ◆Huawei's mid-ra

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nge t◆ablets and smart● phones," acco●rding to L○i Dafeng. The gro●up has supplied mil○lions of teleph●ones and over a mill○ion smart phones t〓o the Eastern ■an

d Southern◆ African m●arkets. The giant Ch■inese telecommun●ications com●pany has a● strong presenc■e and future in A〓frica's emerging mar■ket, which would ○likely be there 〓to stay. ( T●he opinions expre●ssed here d◆o not necessar■ily reflect the opi○nions of Panview or ■CCTV.com. )&nbs〓p; Panview ■offers an alternativ■e angle on China a○nd the res●t of the worl○d through the


analys■es and opinio○ns of experts. We a●lso welcome outsi〓de submissions, s〓o feel free to se◆nd in your own◆ editorials to "glob◆alopinion@v○ip.cntv.cn"○ for consi●deration.&nb◆sp; Please s○can the QR C●ode to follow u〓s on InstagramP◆lease scan t○he QR Code to f■ollow us on Wechat●对不起,可能是网络原?/p>

蚧蛭薮艘趁?请稍○后尝试。本页面3秒之后将带■您回到央视网首页。SAN FRA○NCISCO, Dec. 9 ■(Xinhua) -- ■Fourteen more com■panies, including Ch◆ina's Huawei Techno●logies, le■nt their suppo●rt to the s〓o-called "Googl■e phone" Tuesday ■by joining the Op○en Handset Allian●ce. The new● members pl〓edge to bac●k the open-s◆ource Android ◆mobile dev■ice platform deve〓loped by Goo

gle ○and are committed t●o "its commercial◆ success," th◆ey said in a j〓oint state○ment. Among the 〓new members are ■some big names 〓in the mobile phon〓e industry, ■such as Sony● Ericsson and Voda●fone. The comp■anies said● they will ei◆ther deploy com○patible Android d〓evices, contr◆ibute significant c◆ode to the And〓roid platform, ●or offer p●roducts and service■s that will● accelerate the av◆ailabili

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ty of Androi●d-based devices. "■Huawei is committed● to deploy Android d●evices toward 2009,"■ LiJilin, vi◆ce president o○f Huawei Communicati■ons, said in● the statemen◆t. "

We beli〓eve the Andro●id platform wil○l provide 〓an innovativ●e edge in en●d user satisf〓action." Op■en Handset Allia■nce was established〓 in 2007 by Goo○gle and 33 other f●irms including Moto◆rola, T-Mobile〓, Samsung and China〓 Mobile. Telecom ◆operator T-Mobile be●gan se

  • l■aunched Hu●awei4Afrik◆a - made for Afri◆ca by Africans■. 3.P
  • roviding un○locked Ideos 〓smart phones t○o Kenya for ●under $US50 ea
  • ch.4●.Securing a tender t○o build a 〓national fibre net●work proje
  • ■ct in Kenya.5.Suppl■ying taxi Wi-Fi in ■South Africa. 6.
  • Sele■cted by Telkom S○outh Africa to depl〓oy a 100 Mb■it/s bro
  • adband n○etwork.7.Selected fo○r deploying LTE ba
  • c●khaul netw◆orks in Angola and〓 Namibia.Hu
  • awei had● recently introduce●d its new Mate 7 dua○l SIM t
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lling the ■first Android-bas■ed Google pho〓ne, dubbed● "G1", in October 〓

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te○d that a sec●ond Google p○hone based on the?/p> Website: ts develop○in


?Android pl〓atform, name◆d Agora, will b○e launche

Website: g markets,〓 Afric
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d by Au●stralian co●mpany Kogan a●t the end of Janua○ry 2009. Related sto●ries:MANIL◆A, Feb. 16 (●Xinhua) -- As many ■companies a○re reporti●ng losses and plan◆n

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